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WTF! Tanmay Bhat Suggests Lata Mangeshkar Should Die, Sparks Outrage

WTF!  Tanmay Bhat Suggests Lata Mangeshkar Should Die, Sparks Outrage

Comedian Tanmay Bhat (L) and Lata Mangeshkar (R)

MUMBAI: AIB roaster, Tanmay Bhat, who is known for making his way to people’s heart through his humour has landed in trouble. The comedian, who is known for having a way with words, invited the ire of social media and Bollywood celebrities when he poked fun of cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar on networking app Snapchat. Titled Sachin v/s Lata Civil War, the video shows Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar, both enacted by Tanmay himself, shows the celebs arguing about who is the better player, Sachin or Virat Kohli.

Soon after uploading, the video went viral. While many called it downright offensive, there were a few who thought this should be taken in a light vein. The video shows Tanmay face swap Lata Mangeshkar and says, "You know Sachin I also personally think that Virat is a better batsman. And I also really like him."

To this, a face swapped Sachin says, "Lata Tai namashkar!!Very respectfully I would like to add that you're five thousand years old. So please stay the phuck out of this."

Face swapped Lata says, " Ya, so what if I am five thousand years old. I mean I am like that lady Melisandre; miley, mili, miley sandre mera tumhara...”

Interrupted by face swapped Sachin, “Ya but have you seen your face? It looks like, I mean, somehow has kept you in water for eight days. You know like Jon Snow also died so you should also..”

"At least if I die also all my fans will come and they will sing songs for me. They'll be like arey re arey ye kya hua, Lata ko kya hua?” Lata shots back.

An angry face swapped Sachin says, "Enough okay, listen even in my funeral my friends will come, they will do like my signature move okay."

Lata interrupts, “What is your signature move Sachin? They'll just come and they'll just like adjust like their abdomen guard? Like mere abdomen guard adjust karayeeee."

Face swapped Sachin says, “Arey aunty ye tumcha dentures padh le" And the rant goes on.

Well, India is known for being the land of cricket and the fan frenzy vouches for the fact. So when Tanmay to take a jibe at them in the most distasteful way, the wrath was obviously invited.

Anupam KHER: I am 9 times winner of #BestComicActor. Have a great sense of humor. But This's NOT humor. #Disgusting&Disrespectful

Riteish Deshmukh tweeted: Am absolutely shocked. Disrespect is not cool and neither is it funny.

Celina Jaitly: Absolutely.. Shocked n appalled!! Not amused @mangeshkarlata ji needs to be apologised to .. NOW !!

But Tanmay being Tanmay was ready for an assault like this. He added, “LOL, Twitter, jaha pe logo ke marne se pehle unke marne ki khabar trend hoti hai "tastleless" aur "crass" jaise words use kar rahi hai.”

He also tweeted, “When you guys write about me tomorrow can you please use my snapchat ID - it's thetanmay thanks.”

Last heard, Raj Thackeray's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has lodged an FIR against Tanmay. The Mumbai police is inquiring into a complaint.

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