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Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Talking Point Of Today’s World

Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Talking Point Of Today’s World

NEW DELHI: 60 years since the Dartmouth Conference, artificial intelligence has been growing nimbly, but the underlying implication to the quest- whether artificial Intelligence would be labyrinthine to the functionality of human lives or would it rectify it, will be always of solicitude.

As the race to monetize artificial intelligence begins, big names such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, are releasing magnificent technologies that are bound to capture the attention of developers and customers. According to a recent report named “Global Artificial Intelligence Market Analysis & trends – Industry Forecast by 2025,” the Global Artificial intelligence Market will reach a value of $23.4 billion by 2025.

With the anticipated potential of the market, it could be definite to say that there will be a spurt in technological development. Scientists and engineers are targeting the human interaction based- AI systems which in contemporary period we know it as- Siri, Google Now and Cortana. The most popular out of them – Siri, might soon get a substitute or a replacement by a semi-device entity or a virtual system that will help increase preciseness in its responses and will have a cognitive approach in understanding our day to day problems.

Well, it may seem like a benign replacement of smartphones or their ‘smartness.’ From the initial transition of existing AI systems like Siri, hot-shots of the dedicated sector are trying to fade away the very concept of ‘device’.As Sundar Pichai, in his annual founder’s letter writes, “Over time, the computer itself – whatever its form factor – will be an intelligent assistant helping you though your day. We will move from mobile first to an AI first world.”

The dependency on phone has also increased due to the offered convenience we have just by a touch, from buying grocery to having virtual meetings. Smartphones have undoubtedly changed the course of life. The cell phone has taken a form of assistance which is the next big strata targeted by the big tech companies. Creators of Siri, are currently working on a tool called Viv, which has a  “dynamic program generation” technology where, Viv is able to turn sounds into words and find the ‘intent’ of the “natural language” in which the user speaks this technology is known as Nuance.

Sounds cool? Right. But, Apple last year acquired British intelligent assistant developer VocalIQ, a tool similar to Viv but stands-out on the part to remember the context properly, which helps it give precise response.

Looking at the level of assistance and the ease offered by this futuristic innovation, banks are starting to consider Artificial Intelligence for transactions, security and assistance. For instance, in India where so much struggle exists to open up a bank account by a new user, AI could help in providing an assistance to the upcoming users. It will reap the banking sector functions, for instance, helping with transactions, giving simple understanding of the functioning of a bank, and helping out with general troubles at ATM’s etc. Banks like DBS have already started experimenting with Artificial Intelligence for virtual assistance via text and speech to respond to user queries.

Days of artificial intelligence along with cognitive system alignment are not far ahead. Soon banking will be more efficient by incorporating personal assistance through AI, which will help observe content and behavior, build and maintain data models from which it will draw information about people, consent and contexts, predict user needs and act autonomously on the user’s behalf.

Whatever the function of AI be, the technology has become pervasive. From the programming language – LISP to dog translator we are looking in every corner to fit Artificial Intelligence inside it. Although many feel skeptical where the technology is heading to, according to doyens of technology – Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Bill Gates- it is crucial to manage research as the open letter on Artificial intelligence states, researchers must not create something which cannot be controlled.

Due to the ongoing rapid advancement in the AI sector, it not hard to think that AI might someday feel rancorous and, may think to prevail their existence over humanity. This debate has been picking heat after the release of movies like Terminator.

Computer scientists have begun to analyze the inadvertent consequences of cynically designed AI systems that lack balance of ethics, although having an edge over humanity. Some of the advancement concerns are usage of closed source software and algorithms, as most of the softwares are not free and due to lack of open-source format it, put centric powers under the scrutiny of developers or the AI itself. The concern of infestation with malicious software, like Trojans and viruses could pose a serious threat to regular functioning of AI.

Imagine if an AI is hacked or is under the functioning of Trojans, when it’s managing lacs of transactions at a particular time. It would result into an utter fiasco.

Due to the aloft concerns, researchers are continuously engaged in understanding the robot as if it was a human. Recently, German researchers have performed an experiment to teach robots how to feel and react to pain, which will help robots to be more reactive when it comes to sensation. Researcher Joannes Kuehn told Spectrum IEEE, “Pain is a system that protects us” and “When we evade from the source of pain, it helps us not get hurt.”

The concern is, even if humanity tries to create an AI as an absolute replica of itself will it always be benevolent? Every human differs in nature.

The concerns of the doyens like Elon Musk look imminent, but as long as AI helps us with our daily activities - make us look sluggish and advance at the same time, nobody would rather care that dependency may turn out to be pernicious ahead.

(The writer is a student of IIMC. He can be contacted at

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