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Richa Chadda On Her Showbiz Journey: Was Asked To Do Squat To Get My Booty In Shape

Richa Chadda  On Her Showbiz Journey:   Was Asked To  Do  Squat To Get My Booty In Shape

Actress Richa Chadda (File photo: IANS)

MUMBAI: Bollywood is an unpredictable and mystical territory. While many achieve cult status overnight, many spend years waiting to see their dreams come true. Stunning physical appearance has always ensured free pass to newbie, while those who are blessed only with acting talent keep running from pillars to polls to gain a cameo.

One such victim of this body shaming and fat shaming was talented actress Richa Chadda. The ‘Masaan’ actress came out in the open about her battle with bulimia and struggles she faced during her showbiz journey. Richa has revealed that she had always been a confident kid when she was in Delhi. But her confidence evaporated when she came to Mumbai and was constantly made to feel that she did not look "good enough."

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At a recently held TedX talks, the actress talked about industry best kept secrets about bulimia. She revealed that when she came to Mumbai to chase her dreams, she was told to gain weight. She was asked to get a boob job done. Not just this, she was also asked to get a fuller look for her lips which are otherwise thin. Soon after she gained weight, she was asked to lose weight for another project. She was asked to “lose puppy fat.”

And if you thought this was the last nail in the coffin. Wait for it. Many image consultants and people involved in the filmy circuit asked her to grow her hair or get a haircut. She was asked to come out of her plain jane look and get highlights. Not just this, she was asked to do regular squats to shape up her booty. Wearing fake eyelashes was another thing she was asked to do. Futher to this, Richa was asked to pout while talking to the media, wear fake gel nails, practice to run in heels, and most importantly, learn to pretend to listen attentively.

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Revealing the details about her dreadful journey, Richa revealed that to lose the extra kilos she started throwing up post eating. She revealed that she purposely used to induce vomiting so that whatever she eats gets out and does not allow the nutrient to absorb in the body.

Bulimia was the 'Big B' that she had to deal with, the actress exposed.

After doing all this, she lost mental stability and underwent extreme anxiety. Talking further about her battle with Bulimia, Richa said that it had become impossible for her to focus on anything and this had taken a toll on her health. And once she stopped practicing this unhealthy habit, she gained weight in a strange way and started hating herself. She underwent binge eating, followed by anxiety attacks. She started feeling like a failure.

Talking about what affected her the most, Richa said that it was the fact that people who themselves were not too good in the physical appearance section used to tell her that she was not worth the role in the project that broke her spirit.

Richa’s TedX talk will be on air next week. 

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