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SHOCKING! This Is Why Zeenat Amaan Wanted Her Husband To Die

SHOCKING! This Is Why  Zeenat Amaan Wanted Her Husband To Die

Actress Zeenat Amaan

MUMBAI: Just like any other girl, Zeenat Amaan too had hoped for a happily ever after. She may have been known for her unconventional roles and sultry onscreen persona, but back home she was just like any other girl. At the peak of her stardom, she could have had any man she wanted in her life. But alas! God had some other plans for her.

Zeenat wanted to be a mother

At a crucial age, Zeenat found love in the arms of a relatively unsuccessful Mazhar Khan. Zeenat's biological clock was ticking and she wanted to settle down soon. And Mazhar just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Zeenat wanted to be a mother, that is why despite knowing that Mazhar did not fit right into her life she chose to go ahead with this gamble. She went ahead with the biggest gamble of her life when she chose to marry Mazhar, who did not possess a single quality or attribute, Zeenat wanted in her partner.

Zeenat's mother had a heartattack
Zeenat's mother was totally against the idea. She knew that this kind of marriage, which is based on mutual adjustment would never work out. But Zeenat had decided to go ahead with this. Hearing the news, Zeenat's mother broke all ties with her and also suffered a massive heart attack. Zeenat had recently been out of an abusive relationship and thus decided to let fate to the talking for her this time.

In the first year of marriage Zeenat realised that she had made a huge mistake
Mazhar never wanted her to grow as a person. He hated her going out to shoot or anywhere else for that matter. He wanted Zeenat to stay at home and be a housewife. Zeenat, who was an ambitious woman refused to just sit at home and thus began the rift between the two. They slowly started growing apart. In the first year of marriage Zeenat realised that she had made a huge mistake. But she tried to make it work for the next twelve years.

Mazhar used to physically torture Zeenat
Mazhar's insecurity was growing day by day. He used to feel that Zeenat was having an affair with someone outside their marriage. He had started physically torturing Zeenat. News of Mazhar dating actresses also kept making headlines but to give their relationshio a new start Zeenat decided to go ahead with pregnancy. But even during the months when Zeenat was pregnant, Mazhar never used to be there for her.

Zeenat was not allowed to pay last respects to her husband
Just few years after marriage, Mazhar's kidneys failed to live up due to his chronic drinking and drug abuse. Zeenat continued to be his side for the next five years until he breathed his last. But his family members did not allow her to pay last respects to his body. They believed that Mazhar died due to the negligence by Zeenat.   

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