Thursday January 18th, 2018

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Sexy Sherlyn Reveals Why She Agreed To Casting Couch!

Sexy  Sherlyn Reveals Why She Agreed To Casting Couch!

Actress Sherlyn Chopra (Source: Facebook)

MUMBAI: Controversy's favourite child, Sherlyn Chopra, has never had it easy. Right from making headlines for her bold avatar, shocking Twitter updates to her startling stint inside the Bigg Boss house, Sherlyn has always managed to grab headlines for the wrong reasons. After posing nude for Playboy magazine and starring in sensual film, Kamasutra 3D, the actress is all set to don the hat of a producer.

A few days ago Sherlyn had tweeted that she has stopped sleeping with people for money. Elaborating further on her tweet, the sexy actress clarifies that when she was young she did not understand the importance of true love. She had won Miss Andhra contest at the age of 19. At such an impressionable age the actress was totally enamoured by the glamour world and its perks. She further revealed that during the initial days of her modelling, the actress started dating men who were much older to her. Being with successful, rich men meant that she would be spoilt with gifts and expensive souvenirs. These men used to take her for lavish vacations, used to spoil her crazy with gifts. Being at such a young age, the actress also failed to understand that those men were just taking advantage of her. She failed to realise that the men needed her but never valued or respected her. It was much later that she understood the value of true love and how important it is to be in a relationship where one is equally respected.

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The actress does not deny having slept with men for money and projects either. Sherlyn has revealed that she was naive and used to do things without thinking about the implications. She further added that because she came from such a humble and underprivileged background, it was difficult for her to even say “fuck off” to someone.

Sherlyn’s film – ‘Kamasutra 3D’ made news because of its explicit content and raunchy posters. However, the film has not yet released. Shedding light on the topic, Sherlyn says that she is not even aware of whether the film has been released or not. She says she is clueless and would want to know the fate of the film from the makers.

Talking about the institution of marriage, Sherlyn said that the days he finds the suitable person, she would not step back. She adds that she is looking forward to a happily ever after and would not refrain from taking the marital plunge, when the right time and the right person comes her way.

‘Kamasutra 3D’ director, Rupesh Paul, had sent a legal notice to Sherlyn Chopra. Sherlyn had abused him in the filthiest language possible on social media by calling him a gan** and a**hole. The director had also claimed defamation damages of Rs 5 crores from the actress. Sherlyn had then dissociated herself from the film, publically. What triggered Sherlyn was not known to anyone. It was after the first trailer release of the film that Sherlyn had turned abusive.

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