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READ: Why Jackie’s Wife Was Willing To Share Him With Another Woman

READ:  Why  Jackie’s Wife Was Willing To Share Him With Another Woman

Actor Jackie Shroff (File photo: IANS)

MUMBAI: He is a man of vigour and passion and she, a woman of poise and grace. He is a man of the streets and she, a classic vintage princess straight out of a fairytale. They are poles apart but yet their love conquered it all. Their love for each other is so strong and deep rooted that at one point of time, his wife Ayesha was even ready to share him with another woman just so she could also be with him. Sounds strange? Find out why!

When Jackie Shroff Noticed Ayesha’s Long Legs
Jackie was once waiting at a bus stop when he saw a gorgeous looking woman, holding the bus panel, standing at the door of the bus in her school uniform. Now many would say it they do not notice every women they see travelling by bus, but Jackie did. He noticed her and her long legs! And somehow could not forget her after that.

The second meeting at the record shop

 The second time they met wad at the record shop. After school, Ayesha had gone to pick some records and Jackie came upto her and helped her in choosing. It was much later that Ayesha found out that Jackie had been following her ever since the first time he saw her, errr, her long legs!

At 13, Ayesha decided to marry him
They both started a new friendship after meeting at the record shop. They started going out. Jackie insisted on going to cheap places as he could not afford lavish dates but Ayesha used to take him to exotic places for dates. Needless to mention, Ayesha was the one who used to pay for all the dates. But the very first time she had met him at the record store something inside of her was telling her that he was the men she had been looking for. At 13, Ayesha had decided to marry him.

Ayesha was ready to share her husband with another woman
Before Jackie met Ayesha, he was already in love with other girl. After that girl left for her further studies to the US, Jackie met Ayesha. When he started feeling that Ayesha was beginning to get serious for him, he told Ayesha about that girl. He told her that she was supposed to come back and once she does they would be together. It was at this point that Ayesha realized she could not let him go away from her. She decided to write the other girl a letter and she did. She told her that when she would come back to the country, she could marry Jackie provided they all stay together; Jackie, Ayesha and the other girl. When it came to a point where she could either lose him or keep him alongwith her, Ayesha chose to share Jackie .

And it was when Jackie read the letter that he understood how much Ayesha loved him. He knew a woman can go through poverty, hardships, money crunch to be with her husband but sharing a husband is something no woman can deal with.

Soon after the incident the couple tied the knot. And the rest as they say is history.

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