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Read Saif And Amrita’s Hot, Steamy, Scandalous Love Story!

Read Saif And Amrita’s Hot, Steamy, Scandalous Love Story!

Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan

MUMBAI: It is a popular adage that all marriages are made in heaven. But Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan’s much-controversial wedding certainly did not seem like one. Amrita was a successful, feisty and a reserved woman; who was at the peak of her career; while Saif was just like any other struggling, fun loving newcomer. What grabbed more eyeballs was the fact that Saif was 13 years younger to Amrita. What’s more? The couple felt they loved each other only after their one night stand!

The first call
Saif Ali Khan met Amrita for the first time at a photoshoot. Saif, obviously was enamoured by her demeanour. But Amrita remained totally unfazed.  One fine day, Saif mustered the courage to call her up and asked her if she would like to go out for dinner. Amrita politely declined the offer instead asked him to come home for dinner.

First kiss
When Saif visited Amrita, she had just come back from work. She started taking off her make up in front of him, which made Saif think (like any other man would have) that she was not interested in him. Few minutes of talking and Amrita told him that if he thinks that something might happen between the two, it won’t. This took Saif completely off guard. He asked her why she puts up a strong exterior when from the inside she’s so soft. This conversation was enough to melt her down. Somehow amidst all that talking and lovely dinner, Saif and Amrita kissed. They kissed entire night, the way they had never kissed anyone else before.

And he never left
Somewhere after the kiss Saif profess his feelings for Amrita and she also said that she loved him (which she later revealed had told him in the heat of the moment). Saif never left her place. They both used to sleep in different rooms (during the initial days).

The moment of truth
Post the dinner night, Saif and Amrita did not leave the house for the next two days. After two days when Saif said that he’ll have to go for the shoot, Amrita asked him to take the car. And not because she wanted him to go away with the car but the reason was that Amrita thought that if nothing less Saif would at least come back to give her car. She wanted to see him again and wanted to feel that this was not just another fling. There was something real in this.

The chemistry
Saif never thought that Amrita would ever be willing to marry him, considering he was still trying to find his foot in the industry. While the couple was once discussing their relationship, Amrita asked him to give it a shot.

The marriage
The couple decided to tie the knot just two days before tying the knot with very just close friends and relatives present.

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