Friday January 19th, 2018

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No 'Punjab' In 'Udta Punjab': Catch The Funniest Jokes Here

No 'Punjab' In 'Udta Punjab': Catch The Funniest Jokes Here

MUMBAI: Censor Board's decision to give a major 89 cuts to Shahid Kapoor starrer 'Udta Punjab' has taken Twitter by storm. And their demand to cut 'Punjab' from the title, despite giving a huge list of chop-chop, has taken everyone by surprise. There are reports that CBFC suggested that the film be set in a fictitious setting instead of a particular state. While the film's director and cast has expressed serious displeasure over the whole fiasco, producer Anurag Kashyap has decided not to give up the battle this easily.

From abusing Censor Board to tagging PM Modi to intervene, the director is set out on a one man mission to get the film released without any cuts or change in the title. Anurag took to Twitter and said, "There is no film more honest than 'Udta Punjab'... And any person or party opposing it is actually guilty of promoting drugs". "I always wondered what it felt like to live in North Korea... Ab to plane pakadney ki bhi zaroorat nahin (Now I don't even need to catch a plane)," he further tweeted.

Spinner Harbhajan Singh, who hails from Punjab, has come out in support of the film. In his tweet, the player has stressed on the need for a ‘drug free Punjab’. He tweeted, “Nt a movie buff bt if #UdtaPunjab showing rightly whats happening in punjab what's wrong with it then ? We want our punjab drug free state.”

He further tweeted, “#Udtapunjab known for better things like love,peace,bhaichara,culture,respect,freedom fighters,spotsmans,music,I m a proud PUNJABI nd INDIAN”

Meanwhile, Twitter also has some funny insights and take on the ‘Udta Punjab’ row. While many want the film to be released on Snapchat, there are many who have tickled our funny bones with their humorous take on the issue. Let's take a look at some of the tweets here:

Will #UdtaPunjab be #UdtaBeep now? #UdtaPunjabcensored

Basically Censor Board asked the producer to turn off the location. #UdtaPunjab

Censor Board wants Punjab removed from Udta Punjab.

Thank God these guys weren't around when Bombay to Goa was released.

#KimJongUn to send top aide to meet #CBFC and learn the art of censorship #UdtaPunjabCensored

Censor Board is correct in removing Punjab reference from Udta Punjab, I mean everyone knows only Haridwar is a victim of drug abuse.

After 50 cuts & change in name Udta Punjab will be left with a National Anthem, documentary of gutkha Mukesh, a sanskrit shloka & 'The End'

They should release the movie Udta Punjab on Snapchat.

Udta Punjab is not a film about Milkha Singh - The Flying Sikh?

 Film on drug culture. Censor. Film on homosexuality. Censor. Film on Kashmir. Censor. No wonder we get Housefull sequels #UdtaPunjabCensored

Remove Punjab from Udta Punjab. Yeah, then nobody will come to know which state is shown in the film. Genius!

They're Perfectly Fine With A State Getting Ruined By Drugs Misuse & Mafia,What Baffles Them Is A Movie Made On It.Sigh!

Censor has asked for 89 cuts in #UdtaPunjab, all they allowed is 'balle bale makke di roti, haddipa bhangra pao ji'. That's real Punjab. No?

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