Friday February 23rd, 2018

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Love Ke Liye Saala Kuch Bhi Karega! Sanjay Dutt Buys 24 Karat Gold Painting For Wife

Love Ke Liye Saala Kuch Bhi Karega! Sanjay Dutt Buys 24 Karat Gold Painting For Wife

Actor Sanja Dutt along with his Wife Manyata (File photo: IANS)

MUMBAI: Whoever said money can’t buy love has surely never met our Bollywood stars. Known for their unbelievable splurging, many Bollywood celebs have time and again proved that they vouch by the age old saying, “Love ke liye saala kuch bhi karega.”

Sanjay Dutt’s sister, Priya Dutt had launched a fund raiser titled - ‘PIGMENT - colors with purpose’ in Mumbai. Actor Sanjay attended the do with his wife Manyata. And it so happened that Manyata lost her heart to a Ganesha painting which was showcased at the exhibition. What’s interesting in that you may ask? So let me just tell you, it was not just any ordinary painting. The Ganesha painting was made of 24 karat gold. Surprised? So were we when we found out about it.

As soon as Manyata expressed her desire to buy the painting, Sanjay Dutt did not miss a second in giving it a thought. The actor immediately decided to buy the painting for his ladylove.

Artist Suvigya Sharma, who had made the painted was obviously on cloud nine. The artists revealed that the Dutt couple was widely impressed by his paintings on mythological characters. The exhibition marked the 35th anniversary of the Nargis Dutt Foundation. Many bigwigs from the industry attended the fund raiser and splurged to help the needy. The painting in question is a Tanjore painting of lord Ganesha, which was made up of 24 karat Gold and Artistic Poster Colour. A part of the sale will be sent to the foundation.

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