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Kushan Wanted Me To Lie On Top Of Nawaz In A Petticoat: Chitrangada

Kushan Wanted Me To Lie On Top Of Nawaz In A Petticoat: Chitrangada

Actress Chitrangada Singh (File photo: IANS)

MUMBAI: Actor Chitrangda Singh walking out of director Kushan Nandy and his business partner Kiran Shroff’s film grabbed huge headlines. The otherwise calm and composed actress apparently broke down on the sets and got into a heated argument after the director insisted her to get more involved with the sex scene. ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’, the film she was working on starred her and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in lead role. The actress left the project midway after being forced to give innumerable take on sex scenes.


Kushan wanted me to lie on top of Nawaz in a petticoat

Chitrangada has revealed that the director asked her to lie on top of Nawazuddin for a sex scene while she was just wearing a petticoat. "Ho toh gaya. Kyun kar raha hai aise? Please try to understand that I am wearing a petticoat," she asked him. But the director kept insisting the actress to get more steamy and passionate with Nawaz. And apparently it was the tone and the language that he used which left the actress fuming with anger. The director also told her, "Chitrangada, you ought to get completely on top of Nawaz." He did not stop there. In front of an entire crew he said, “Tange ragdo and sex karo.”


Kushan wanted her to shoot the scene again and again

As per Chitrangada, Kushan wanted to add sex scene even where there was no need. He had told her to do the sex scenes in a "bindaas" manner. Kushan told her that since her character in the film is that of a poor woman who is very wild, the sex scenes should be everywhere. At this point Chitrangada decided to put her foot down and refused to do the same thing again and again. 


Chitrangada asked her to remove button from her blouse

In his defence, the director has revealed that it was Chitrangada who gave them a clue into how wild her character should be. Kushan revealed that on seeing her outfit in the film, Chitrangada had said that they should remove one or two buttons from the blouse and use safety pin instead. However, Chitrangada has a different logic behind the blouse fiasco. As per her she just wanted to lend more authencity to the character and thus thought that a poor woman hides her bosom with a blouse filled with safety pins. And thus gave an input to the directors about how the character should look.

Chitrangada is thinking this is an erotic film

The director has said that Chitrangada’s allegations of him asking her to “tange ragdo” are completely false and baseless. He also added that he had just asked her to get more steamy and look more involved as that was what the scene demanded. He also added that he never made an erotic film and did not wish this one to be turned into an erotic saga either.

Swara Bhaskar was shown the script after Chitrangada left the project but the actress did not like her part in the film and thus decided to give it a miss. 

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