Friday January 19th, 2018

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Arijit Singh Apologises To Salman Khan On Facebook

Arijit Singh Apologises To Salman Khan On Facebook

Singer Arijit Singh. (File Photo: IANS)

MUMBAI: It’s a known fact in Bollywood ke bhai se panga nahi lene ka! But, ‘King of Melody’, Arijit Singh seems to have done just that (though unintentionally!).

While what actually triggered this battle of sorts between the two is yet to be revealed,  Arijit Singh has penned down an open letter to Salman Khan apologizing for his unintentional mistake. He has over and over implicated in the letter that he tried his best to apologise to him at several occasions but how Salman never reciprocated. He has also revealed that he went upto Salman at Nita Ambani’s bash to clear the air but the actor shrugged him off and walked away.

As per the letter written by the singer, it happened at one of the award functions where Salman thought that the singer insulted him. Arijit has been trying to mend ways the Dabangg Khan ever since but to no avail. In fact, he has pleaded him not to remove one of the songs he had sung for his ‘Sultan’ not to be removed. However, there are reports that Salman got the song recorded by some other singer and retained that version in his film.

A couple of months back, audience had seen a friendly banter between Salman Khan and Arijit Singh at an awards show. Salman was hosting an award show and was taking jibes at everyone possible. So when Arijit won an award, Salman called him to the stage. Arijit, as always dressed in his shabbiest best, walked upto the stage smiling. Seeing him, Salman Khan had said that he looks sleepy and as if he has just woken up and come straight to the awards show. To this, Arijit had said that it was Salman’s boring hosting that made him sleepy. Soon the friendly banter turned into war of words when Salman said, “if you guys keep making songs like ‘Tum Hi Ho’ this is what would happen. The environment would turn into a snoozefest.”

Later on, singer and music director Mithoon too came to the stage to receive an award. After receiving the award he started talking about how the song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ is a soulful and beautiful composition. It seemed as if wanted to defend his friend Arijit. While many would have thought that this was nothing but a poorly written and executed gimmick strategy by the celebs, Arijit’s letter has compelled us to believe that there’s more to it than what actually meets the eye.

Now we all know what happens when anyone tries to meddle with the Khan of Bollywood. So it does not come as a surprise that Arijit actually went to the extent of writing an open letter to keep his side of the story on the table.

However, coming from a singer of his caliber and aura, this gesture seems kind of desperate and too needy.

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