Friday February 23rd, 2018

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SHOCKING: Acclaimed Director’s Wife Working As A Domestic Help In Pune

SHOCKING: Acclaimed Director’s Wife Working As A Domestic Help In Pune

PUNE: Director Nagaraj Manjule had no idea that the commercial acclaim he received for making the highest grosser Marathi film, ‘Sairat’, will also uncover the hidden skeletons in his closet. The film’s box office success gave way to many privy eyes, who were quick to dig out his dark past.

Director Nagaraj’s success was shortlived as the news of his ex-wife planning to file a case of domestic violence against him surfaced. A report said that Sunita parted ways with husband two years ago after being physically and mentally tortured by him. Sunita alleged that the director used to beat her up regularly and she was treated as a housemaid during the course of their marriage.

What’s even more shocking is that the director apparently made her abort their child, twice. It was during the third time, when she refused to get the child aborted, that the director physically assaulted and beat her.  

Sunita now works as a househelp in Pune. Sunita’s mother has revealed that their divorce was filed in 2012 but due to the long course of the case, they opted for an out-of-court settlement. Sunita apparently was paid a mere sum of Rs 7 lacs, when her husband earns in crores.

While many claim to have seen Sunita endure all this during their marital years, there are many who are calling this a “publicity gimmick.”

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